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Nuisance Goose Control

Book early to avoid disappoinment

Geese populations have become a growing problem for property owners. They carry disease, contaminate water with e-coli and parasites and ultimately destroy the cleanliness of the environment. Parks, golf courses, beaches and other public properties are suffering from the economic impact, as well as, the simple loss of enjoyment for which the land is intended. Let us offer a Goose Management solution that is right for your property. Contact Paul Fried at 315-458-4921

Exciting News

Help us welcome our new employee!

We are pleased to introduce our most recent addition to our goose arsenal and our new staff member... Pippi! She loves her work and her dedication to ridding properties of geese is second to none! We are proud to have her, all the way from Canada, trained and anxious to minimize the geese population of CNY.

Magic Salt

The best kept secret for CNY Winters

In addition to our professional snow removal crews, Magic Salt is helping us win the fight against snow and ice. We are a dealer of the product and cover four counties in Central New York, including Onondaga, Oswego and Madison. Make your next winter easier and safer... Call today for pricing.