Goose Management

Until recent years the high flying geese were a welcomed sight. Now large groups of geese are migrating to our parks, fields, residences, ponds, golf courses and company properties, making maintenance difficult and costly.  In 2010 New York State estimated the Canada Goose population to be 250,000.

The life span of a goose can be up to 24 years. The molting of adult birds occurs every summer and they will continue to mate for life. Geese are grazers and eat grass and plants. An adult goose drops approximately 2 pounds of fecal matter daily. In addition to the associated cleanup, their fecal matter is linked to the spread of disease. 

This is a problem right here in our backyards and there is help. Custom Lawn-Scapes has developed a program to rid properties of the over population of geese in a humane manner using varied techniques, including their newest staff member, Pippi. The use of continuous and altered techniques allows better and longer lasting results. The use of a Nuisance Goose Management Program can cut maintenance costs substantially and allow your property to be used for its original intent.

Little unknown fact: 10 geese leave 10 pounds of poop each day on land… that is 3,360 pounds per year. 100 Geese leave 100 pounds per day and 33,600 pounds per year. They always com ein groups and multiply so… image how much that can cost to clean up!

Don’t let the Canada Goose run your life… call today to discuss your options.

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