Fall Lawn Care Tips for Central New York and North Syracuse

Fall Lawn Tips

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When the weather starts to get chilly, it is time to look for lawn care tips for the fall. Taking care of your lawn in the fall is essential to your lawns year round health. With proper fall lawn watering, grass seed planting, fertilizing and mowing, your lawn will shine year round. How high to mow grass in fall The …

What do I do in Autumn/Fall in Upstate New York With My Grass?

Do I Cut Back My Ornamental Grass Before Winter

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It’s a matter of personal choice whether you cut back your ornamental grasses in fall or spring. Most ornamental grasses will remain attractive if left standing throughout the better part of the winter. They may even provide food for the birds. However they may also provide shelter for mice and voles. If you do choose to leave your ornamental grasses …

Spring starts now, in Autumn

For a Nice Lawn in Spring, Start Now

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By SARA BARRETT Published: September 22, 2010 New York Times EARLY fall is the time to assess the health of your lawn and take steps to help it grow well next spring. This year that is especially true, because all but the most pampered lawns took a beating during the long summer heat. William Carey, whose company, Master Lawns, comes …